Fairy Tales and Surreal Stories

Unfit for Human Company: Peter's wife has left him and inadvertently taken his mandolin with her. He follows her to get it back. I wrote this as a companion piece to "Quick, Convenient Repairs." (14 pages)


Unnatural Leaves: In a small medieval village, a tree suddenly grows leaves that have words on them. How will the villagers react? Is it a sign from God, or a trick of the devil? (10 pages)


In the Desert: What would have happened if the rebel angels landed on Earth instead of in Hell? (18 pages)

Quick, Convenient Repairs: A salesman travels to a remote motel to make a pitch in a blend of comedy, surrealism and science fiction. (12 pages)

Mr. Totenbaum's Bird: This was my first cartoon, and my first published cartoon. It appeared in a poetry magazine out of Milwaukee entitled Nerve House in the spring of 2007. (The magazine has since gone under.) (2 pages)

Slice of Life Stories

A Clear Solution: Chris Albrecht has traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, to pick up his son, Nathan, who has just flunked out of the university. But Nathan does not want to go home. (18 pages)

A Disconcerting Request: A light story about a guy who asks his friend for advice in dealing with some romantic issues. Nudity. (13 pages)

Razbliuto: This is a short companion piece to "A Disconcerting Request," and it has a similar situation and themes. Razbliuto is a Russian word for that special feeling we retain for one we were in love with but are no longer. (3 pages)

Wordless Stories

Rapunzel Repeats: A dream story that uses elements from the Rapunzel folk tale. For mature readers. (22 pages + covers from the paper version)

Curiosity, or The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari: A short, surreal story. More a series of images than a narrative. This story was first published in The Writing Disorder.(6 pages)

Untitled: This image came to me while I was visiting friends. I don't have much to say about it. This was originally published in the literary magazine, The Raven Chronicles. (1 page)

Completion of a Tree: I don't usually do gag cartoons, but this popped into my head one night and I couldn't get the image out of my head. (1 page)