Salvage, my new graphic novel about science and superstition, sex toys and scavengers is now appearing here. I'll be posting chapters as I finish them, but I'm slow, so don't expect weekly updates. If this whets your appetite, be sure to check out Split, my other graphic novel, and my page of short comics.

Chapter 1 in which Eric Hammersley arrives in the town of Ixonia

Chapter 2 in which Eric Hammersley begins a new job

Chapter 3 in which the Ixonia Science Museum acquires a new collection

Chapter 4 in which Eric has coffee with Aaron and water with his landlady's daughter

Chapter 5 in which Eric makes a mistake

Chapter 6 in which Eric misses an opportunity

Chapter 7 in which Tuyet is late for work

Chapter 8 in which Eric accompanies Aaron, Patrice, and Mara on a scavenging expedition

Chapter 9 in which Tuyet is fired, and life goes on

Chapter 10 in which Eric has trouble with Ruth, and Tuyet joins the scavenging party

Chapter 11 in which Tuyet asks Eric for a favor, and Eric and Elizabeth commit adultery